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Throughout the decade Kratom is becoming more well known. In the province of New Brunswick, Canada its use has increased significantly. For centuries, the locals in Asia have been using the leaves as incense to alleviate pain, boost energy, and enhance mood.

What benefits does Kratom offer?

1. Pain Relief: Kratom is effective at easing feelings of pain.

2. Mood Lift: Kratom enhances an individual’s mood, boost energy levels, and eliminates stress.

3. Sexual Enhancement: Kratom is known to improve sexual performance and increase libido.

Kratom has different colored strains. Each color offers its unique effects and some of the most popular strains are:

1. Red Vein: Excellent for relaxation and a good night’s rest
2. White Vein: provides a boost in energy and focus, suitable for those who need productivity and motivation.
3. Green Vein: offers a balance of the white vein and red vein benefits

Kratom Strains Available in New Brunswick

Kratom is available in different variations. Each strain contains different alkaloid profiles, which can affect the way the plant interacts with your body via aromatherapy. Red vein kratom, for instance, is known to be a potent sedative and pain reliever, while white vein kratom is more stimulating and energizing. Other popular strains in New Brunswick include Green Malay, Maeng Da, and Bali Kratom. Always start with a low amount and work your way up to find out your most comfortable strain.

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